Advisory Board


Carolynn (Carrie) S. Culver, Ph.D.

Aquatic Resources Specialist/Research Scientist
California Sea Grant
Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego and
Marine Science Institute, UC Santa Barbara

Dr. Culver runs her program from the Santa Barbara Channel region of south-central California. Her program addresses the general vision of California Sea Grant: to promote the sustainable use of marine and coastal resources in support of thriving human and natural communities. She supports this vision by facilitating and conducting research and extending research-based information to help California communities solve coastal and marine issues, especially those related to aquatic invasive species, marine invertebrate fisheries, and shellfish mariculture.

Culver's research interests include understanding life history characteristics and population dynamics of aquatic organisms and applying this information to improve the management of non-native invasive species and fisheries resources, and to enhance culture technologies of marine species. She was a lead researcher on the successful eradication of a marine pest, and she remains actively engaged in the management of invasive species. She is currently working collaboratively with many groups to minimize the impacts of non-native species, including quagga and zebra mussels and several marine organisms that are transported via boat hulls. Culver also is evaluating ways to assist the state with the management of fisheries resources, through collaborative fisheries research to collect field data and promote its integration into the management process. She continues to gather essential fisheries information on marine resources and those who depend on them to enhance the management of California’s fisheries. Her work in mariculture currently assists those interested in culturing rock scallops and other marine shellfish. Culver is a UC certified research diver, and SCUBA diving is often a part of her research program.


Michael D. Chambers, Ph.D.

Marine Aquaculture Specialist, Associate Professor

School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering

New Hampshire Sea Grant and Cooperative Extension

University of New Hampshire

Michael has been advancing open ocean farming technologies for over 25 years in the US and abroad. In the US, he has managed submerged cage culture projects in the Gulf of Mexico, Hawaii, and the North Atlantic. In 2000, he took the role of Project Manager at the University of New Hampshire’s (UNH) Open Ocean Aquaculture Project and the Atlantic Marine Aquaculture Center. This project was at the forefront of developing biological, engineering, and environmental technologies for the commercialization of offshore aquaculture in the US. Novel culture systems were evaluated, and numerous species were successfully grown at the farm located 13 km offshore in 52m water depth. In addition, Michael and UNH engineers have developed a floating integrated multi-trophic aquaculture platform to grow steelhead trout, blue mussels, and sugar kelp. The nearshore system is used to train and educate fishermen and students on responsible aquaculture methods. On a national level and funded by the Department of Energy, Michael has been involved with multiple US institutions to develop offshore macroalgae farms for biofuel production. Internationally, he has been engaged with aquaculture projects in the Black Sea (US AID), in Norway (SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture), in the Mediterranean (University and private), and Cuba (non-profit). Michael received a BS (Biology) from the University of Wisconsin, an MS (Mariculture) from Texas A& M and a Ph.D.
(Zoology) from the University of New Hampshire. Lastly, he maintains a Master Captain’s license (100 ton) and has over 5500 hours logged diving in the Pacific, Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean oceans.


Jason Diamond

Owner - Stardust Sportfishing

Bio coming soon

Vanessa M. Willett

Sales & Marketing Expert




Vanesa Willett has over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing, with an emphasis in B2B where she has helped some of the world's biggest brands drive revenue.  Today, she leads strategic account development for Demandbase, Inc., where she is consistently the top-producer, responsible for over $8M in sales. When she is not in front of clients, she is also active in supporting other women starting out their careers in revenue related positions through her involvement in