Detailed Engineering Design and Storm Loading Analysis

SBSR has conducted detailed static and dynamic analysis of its longlines using Orcina's OrcaFlex finite element analysis software, the world's leading package for the dynamic analysis of offshore marine systems.  A total of 48 separate load cases have been evaluated for extreme wave, current, and wind conditions with bespoke longline designs optimized for specific water depth.

Minimum breaking strength of the structural lines and minimum holding power of the anchors have been specified to achieve safety factors recommended for offshore structures by the American Petroleum Institute (API RP2SK).  Load cases were designed exceeding Norwegian Standard NS-9415 recommendations for evaluation of both wave-dominated and current-dominated extreme events.

* Longline under a simultaneous 100-year wave and 10-year current storm event:


* 60-second video:  100-year waves from 273 degrees and 10-year current from 180 degrees (SBSR longlines will lay 286/106 degrees):


* 25-second video:  Simulated longline lift to 2m above the surface for determination of lifting requirements along the longline: